Monday, January 16, 2012


i get no action on here whatsoever, so my new very action-y art blog is here:

the end.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i'm not one for writing so much these years anymore, but i think i'm going to start to try harder. I have a lot of big changes and challenges this year; i'm getting married, we just moved in together, in own place - roomate free just us and penelope, i'm starting a new job, have to make some decisions about school, etc.... might get a bunny or a puppy this year, starting to take photography more seriously... there's some not so awesome news too. We have some not so hopeful thoughts about my grandpa's health this year, my nana's not doing that great and my uncle... well that needs to be explained and sorted out in it's own light. In the mean time, while I want to keep this blog going, i will post new art as soon as there is new art i want to post :) but i have a new blog where i'll be sharing my photos and slowly but surely working this all out and hopefully making it come together :) please see

<3 thx 

Monday, January 11, 2010


a company contacted me to see if i would be interested in helping them with design, i've been working on some sketches, but right now, I've been spending most of my artistic ideas and attention on a commison project in developing a boardgame. Sadly i cannot discus it or show images until there are copyrights attributed to it. but i thought i'd share this old image i was playing with, as it's not a style i've represented on this blog as of yet. Hope you enjoy :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

writing: a small collection of current works

"k, it's your turn.
punch me in the stomach".

let's feel something.

'life's a party'
grab a straw-
we'll chatterbox tonight

noses will bleed
but first;

"punch me in the stomach.
I'm ready,
k wait- now i'm ready".


you don't fit
in here,
all of them surround you
in noise

but you're quiet like me,
you don't fit in
like me
and i like you
let's get outta this place.


my city caved in.
right in the center.

i want to help it along,
stand on it's head
light a match and
watch it all burn.


destruction is inevitable
without epiphany;

i tried analyzing my dreams,

but i'm either so stoned that i can't wake up, or i'm so anxious that i can't sleep

and my throat sounds
to comfort, keep me company
like a dripping tap over a clogged drain.


Bridges to Nowhere

my body yearns for him to touch me like you used to

i don't miss it,
i don't miss you.

he makes me undone

you were always too much

never wanted,
never craved

but him, i savour-
and would gladly overdose on his flesh,
like the holiest of communion.


i'm giving you my heart.

you can hold it,

you can carry it around, on any journey

you can give it back

you can break it.

because i know;

that you're worth

and dreaming

you've got all the wrong answers
at all the wrong times

i always fall for the hearts
that don't seem to consider mine-

and i don't know what i'm doing
i don't know what i've done
i'm spinning in a circle
and reaching out for no one

to be


i don't need it;
this is just an addiction,
a malfunction.

i wear a mask that
you can't see through

and i can't

your loss,

i'll be,


lies upon lies, upon...

so sweet and bitter

i smell your decay,
though you're still months away-

do you feel my fingers?
i've been scratching into your back
where they belong

for every time
you've said it wrong.

who are you?
i want the truth.
catch her
in the lie...

i can feel my back,
wet with blood.

my blood.

i'm laying here,
to what i've become.
My jaw tight;

i wish not to break our silence by
announcing judgement.

i'll wait til i can move my hands,
then i'll start pointing fingers.

it isn't what i want,
what i'm waiting for
my worth

so i'm lying here.

cuz it's easier to fib it,
than accept it...

rigor crawls
to steal my pulse.


arms hold tight

oh i wish it was us

pulsating with life,

moving with love

tentacles burn bright


i wish it was us.


The wind's on your side,
It's too cloudy for stars
You lay there each night
Wondering where you are
Each blade of grass cuts you straight
Through the heart

is it loud enough?
is it loud enough?

Breaking bad, you're losing good
No one really knows you in this neighbourhood
You've got secrets you keep tucked away
In what you carry around
Silent like ghost
They make no sounds

You trust the path
You know is littered
And gonna blow-
It's a slippery slope
Living on cigarettes and dope
You tried to drown
But you couldn't cope
With the flavour of the water;
Soiled; you cried out for soap

no one hears you
you're not loud enough
you're not loud enough

Picking through the trash always feels like home
Uncertainty brings you both comfort and hope
You're a hungry little fire starter
That's looking for both

When it's right there though
it's not good enough
nothing's good enough

For a starry eyed princess
In her wedding gown
Blowing up the city
When no one's around
Your bones are solid,
But your skin is torn
Looking for a new suit
That hasn't been worn
Put your best face forward
Cuz it's all that you know
You walk the line
Between horrible and fine
It's the only thing you own

That's loud enough,
That's good enough



smoke blew through her lips as she rocked on the stoop.

chills and goosebumps when it wasn't even cold, each time the minute hand hadn't moved.

wait. fiddle. type, erase. wait, pace...wait.
the anxiety filling up like water in a tub that's been forgotten, only to get everything wet and ruined.

She dodged a bullet last night, straight to the heart, not because she didn't want to die;
but because she wanted to give what was left in her to him.

"say it once, just ask. i'd drop it all for you."
she said to herself

"say it twice, just so i feel the reassurance of you, then we'll disappear. That's what we want right? to disappear? And read, and drink, and paint each other with the muds and sands of the earth around us".

"When we're alone, we'll call them to us and then we'll be surrounded by the same love that i can give to you, now that i've dodged this bullet."

I'll close your eyes, and then close mine.



we're hardly neck and neck for the difficulty that this presses
we're hardly neck and neck.

i been here all day with my awkward belly and my constant paces.
is he there?
i heard a car door.

knock knock?

knock knock!


it's the cable guys
i plead voluntary simplicity.
they most likely think me crazy
and i'm close.

i am in limbo
as looming thoughts press my chest
i grow more agitated and restless.



"45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50,..."



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

latest in the works:



irrational fears

old binder backing, acrylic paints, bent staples,
cue cards and an old sock.

Randoms from DA Gallery











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